Youth Safety First

When it Comes to Youth & Teens,
Their Safety Comes First!

A teenager’s path to adulthood is hard enough without the temptations of drugs, alcohol, smoking and gangs. The pressure to be “cool” and project a certain image can sway even the most steadfast youth.

In a society of duel incomes and hectic schedules, it’s easy for people to turn a blind eye and forget that today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders and even though they are teenaged they continue to need guidance and interactions from the adults in their life.

Club TNT is out to remind them! Take part in keeping the youth in your community safer, and your community a better place for them with your sponsorship of Club TNT’s “Youth Safety First -Lock It Up” campaign.

Club TNT has created a series of community-based messages centered on drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide awareness and prevention, reminding teens and adults that decisions made today will impact tomorrow.

Partner your business with Club TNT and make a positive impact on your community while promoting name awareness for yourself!

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